Camp Rockwell 2022

Camp Rockwell 2022 Bookings will reopen on Thursday 19th May for weeks 1 & 2 only, there are no spaces left for week 3 !

Our website will reopen on Thursday 19th May, no specific time just check in and if places are available you can book same for weeks 1 & 2.

Secure Authentication:

Please ensure you have your secure authentication setup for your payment card and that you have the corresponding mobile phone with you. If you changed phones since your last purchase online you need to check it is still working on the new device.

We have no control over this, you must have it setup with your bank for secure payment sites.

Please check out this website for all information and the FAQs for information before emailing the Camp with queries. Thank you.

All covid restrictions are lifted and mask wearing by staff or students (on buses) is not currently a requirement. We will still ask that any vulnerable person considers their position before enrolling and anyone with symptoms should not attend the camp.

We hope you all get a place this year as we are back to full capacity and we look forward to meeting you all in July.

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